We review the mythical Woolworths Macro Linseed & Sunflower Bread to check for you – Is it Keto?

It’s great to see more options that are keto! And we’ve determined that the Macro Linseed & Sunflower Bread by Woolworths is keto – which opens up a world of potential. But what about the taste?

Find out more from watching our review of this bread. Unfortunately at the time of writing it’s still very hard to get the bread as it’s often sold out. Only one of the Macro breads is keto friendly so make sure it’s the Linseed one. It costs $5 and can be found in the packaged bread section of Woolworths.

A number of spreads were used in the taste test. Westgold butter (from NZ so we know it’s grass fed), Natvia jam and Mayver’s Dark Roasted Crunchy Peanut butter.

The bread tastes like… bread! A multigrain type bread but less seeded than the ALDI bread.

It does have gluten and soy flour so may not suit many people who are following a ketogenic diet or lifestyle.

In the video, Richard rates the bread 5 out of 5.

Depending on the way the bread is used, I wouldn’t go as far as a 5 but it’s very good bread! Recommended if you can find it in the bread aisle of your local Woolworths.

I’ve managed to make a scrumptious sandwich using slow cooked beef and brie.

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